our suppliers, who specialise in organic food from the South West, especially Dorset, Devon and Somerset.


As well as using a lot of the meat, fruit and vegetables from our own farm, we like to support local farms and businesses by buying fresh and seasonal produce. Here are just a few of our lovely suppliers. 



The Peasant Evolution Producers Cooperative 

 We're based not far from the Jurassic Coast near the Dorset, Devon and Somerset borders. Like so many rural areas of the country, ours faces a lack of direct access to good quality food for many people. As a small scale organic producers' cooperative, we'd like to see that change. We supply fresh organic produce, preserves, meat, dairy and more from local farms and businesses.

The Trading Post

At the Trading Post we are passionate about supplying local people with our own, organic and local produce from the South West.We pride ourselves on our own homegrown organic vegetables & also stock local produce to ensure that we always have a wide variety of fruit and vegetables available for our customers throughout the seasons.

Trill Farm

Trill Farm is a 300 acre mixed organic farm set in the rolling hills and woodlands of east Devon. The garden is about 2.5 acres and includes several large poly-tunnels which house tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines and the like in the summer, and is used for salad growing through the winter. We use traditional organic principles such as crop rotation and green manuring. We harvest around two tonnes of salad a year, growing over 80 different varieties of leaf and flowers for the mix.

Wobbly Cottage

We are Organic artisan bakers in Broadoak. We make bread the old fashioned way using recipes, processes and ingredients your great-grandmother would be very familiar with.

Monkton Wyld court

Monkton Wyld Court is a large country house and grounds in an idyllic location in Dorset. Since its establishment as a Centre for Sustainability Education, The Court has been run and maintained by a busy residential community as well as hard-working team of short-term volunteers. Simon and Gill are part of this team, making lucious handmades cheeses from the milk of their handmilked Jersey cows. Their cows are fed on hay mowed by scythe and generally treated like queens.