Fivepenny Farm is a 43 acre, low-impact smallholding, established in 2003. We produce vegetables, meat, dairy products and a wide range of processed goods, such as cordials, jams and herbal products. The farm is run using mixed farming methods - we graze our sheep under the orchards, use our farmyard compost for the vegetables and used an old-fashioned press to make apple juice and cider. We have built our own houses on the farm and use wood fuelled stoves and solar water heating. Completely off grid, we use a combination of wind and solar power to create our own renewable electricity and water heating.


Fivepenny Farm is an active part of the Landworkers' Alliance and La Via Campesina- an organisation comprised of 200 million peasant farmers across the world.


Our Community


Fivepenny Farm is part of The Peasant Evolution Producer's Cooperative (PEPC), a network of smallholders, artisan food producers, and local craftsmen. All of us share ideas, knowledge, and resources such as our cooperatively owned processing facilities at Fivepenny Farm.


What We Produce

  • Juice and Cider- We have an orchard from which we grow and press our own apples, producing apple juice and cider.

  • A range of Chutneys, Jams and Cordials- Made using our own fruit and vegetables.

  • Meat products- Our beef cows are entirely grass fed and our lamb comes from rare breed Jacob sheep.

  • Herbal products- We produce a range or herbal balms. infused with home grown herbs and mixed with essential oils for their healing properties and an amazing scent.

  • Windsor Chairs- made on the farm by David Saltmarsh.

Alongside us, Haypenny Plot grows a range of vegetables on the farm without use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers.